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Understanding the true value of new technology

The ultimate aim of any business is to not only satisfy your customers but to exceed their expectations.

Sometimes the very best intentions and detailed planning can be destined to fail when the business’ supporting processes and systems are unable to deliver.

We understand that investing in new software for your business can seem a costly exercise, but so can ignoring the fact that your current system isn’t delivering, or worse, restricting business growth and disappointing your customers.

Whether your business is B2C or B2B your customer is still a customer and in order to capture new business and retain your existing customer base it is imperative to have an element of business differentiation from your competitors.

An ERP system is designed to communicate data quickly between all departments, improving business performance and better serving customers. It will integrate systems across multiple locations, ensure reporting and regulatory compliance, standardise global operations and make an employee’s life easier.

Can your current software system offer the level of service and functionality you need to take your business forward?

New technology will ensure your business is in the best position to deliver your strategic goals and objectives, improving processes and efficiency, reducing expenditure, increasing profit and providing first-class customer service.

There are some tell-tale signs a business will face when their ERP systems need upgrading and how this can impact business growth plans. Take a look at one of our previous news posts ’10 signs that you have outgrown your current software system’ for more information.

Something else you will want to consider is working with a system and supplier that specialises in your market sector – this can provide a faster implementation with a partner who has a long-term commitment to your business solution with cost effective, ongoing, relevant software development. Read our news story ‘Why you need an ERP partner that specialises in your market sector’

Take a look at our Whitepaper, ‘Key criteria for selecting a multichannel ERP system’ for guidance on the key questions you should be asking yourself and future suppliers to ensure you implement the best solution for the needs of your unique business. This also includes a scorecard which provides a quantitative framework to evaluate your choices and give you the confidence to support your final decision.

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