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Athleisure: Where Fashion meets function

The Athleisure market; casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear has certainly seen an increase in sales over recent years.

Driven by changes in health and lifestyle habits and the relentless rise of ‘selfies’ in social media, this sector is now at the forefront of the fashion industry.

It’s not just clothing affected, the trend is also fuelling the footwear market, with ‘athletic’ footwear combining with the latest fashion trends to bring a combination of performance and practicality and styles for all occasions.


Listed below are just some of the issues Athleisure brands may face:

  • Brands have often seen rapid growth over a short period of time and their systems and processes are unable to meet the increased demand
  • The rise of social media influencers for this market sector means that trends can change quickly and brands do not have the capability to react at the same speed
  • The e-commerce site works as a standalone system which often leads to stock and pricing data inaccuracy
  • Brands do not have the level of control and visibility needed to manage the brand across complex supply chains and multiple channels which causes difficulty managing costs
  • Disparate systems create duplication of work and inefficiencies
  • A lack of real-time sales and analytical data means that they are unable to make key business decisions to drive the business forward

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