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TwentyTwenty Success Stories: Jules

The Twentytwenty charity pride themselves on being a story-telling organisation that shouts from the rooftops about the incredible achievements and progress of the young people they help. Facts and figures can paint a picture, but behind each figure is a story that must be told; a story of heartache or breakthrough, of one step back and two steps forward, of overcoming the odds…whatever the case.

Each story is written by the young person in their own words.

“Hello my name is Jules and I am 13 years old. Before I was introduced to TwentyTwenty life was very hard for me. I used to lash out at people.  I didn’t have any confidence and trust in other people. I don’t really know why this was.  My life changed when I met my TwentyTwenty Mentor Rachel. The past year with Rachel has been superb.

Rachel has helped me to build up confidence and to gain trust in people. Rachel spoke to me about this a few times and she has helped me to do this through trying different activities like the Outdoor Pursuits Centre. Rachel asks me to order and pay for things so I get used to talking to different people and asking for things.

The best things we have done together are playing the Mini game when we are on our travels. This involves spotting the Mini cars. I always spot the most and win!! I have loved going to the Safari Park and Nando’s and having my favourite frozen yoghurt drink.

I know I have helped Rachel too, I taught her how to bowl and helped her with parking her Mini car! I also helped Rachel get to the edge of the High Ropes Outdoor Pursuits course. She promised me she wouldn’t chicken out but sadly she did chicken out because she is terrified of heights! When Rachel was upset I cheered her up with one of my funny stories.

I am now in Year 9 and I like RE and Maths. In the future I want to work on my favourite TV programme Eddie Stobart Trucks, Truckers and Trainlines. Eddie Stobart is awesome and I want to be awesome. I want to be that person who can just say what they want and not be afraid to say it. I believe I am this person now! 🙂

Rachel, this has been an absolutely amazing year. You have given me confidence. Life can sometimes still be difficult both at home and school but I can talk about how I feel more now. I don’t lash out as much as I used to. I trust people more now. I have gained more trust in myself as well as trusting other people.

I would like to thank you Rachel for an amazing year, it really has been great. Thank You!”

To find out more about mentoring, visit the TwentyTwenty website using this link: https://www.twentytwenty.org.uk/mentoring

You can also raise funds by competing in the Prima Solutions TwentyTwenty Challenge on 19 May 2018 at Rutland Water. You can find the link to register here: https://www.twentytwenty.org.uk/Event/prima-solutions-twentytwenty-challenge-2018