John Smedley

Derbyshire-based John Smedley Ltd currently has a turnover of more than £16m and exports 70% of its fine gauge knitwear to 35 countries worldwide. We began working with them in 1994 and our business relationship has developed into a close ongoing partnership.

Their business faced numerous issues beforehand with various standalone systems that worked in isolation and no longer fulfilled the needs of the business, such as sales order and capacity planning systems working alone. The company came to recognise that an integrated IT solution would deliver substantial benefits to deliver their integrated business strategy. Therefore, for John Smedley the key beneficial features of PrimaNet included work-in-progress monitoring, the ability to place all work orders on the system, immediate sales order processing, stock control, sales ledger, a finite capacity planning system and the ability to extract comprehensive, tailored reports.

A fully integrated IT system was critical for John Smedley, as well as our ability to understand their business and the tangible benefits they were looking for to deliver what was needed. Since implementing PrimaNet their business has reduced stock holding by 25% and become cash positive, so we can safely say that we succeeded by working in true partnership with them.

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“Prima have shown all the qualities we were looking for. They understand our business and are focused on us as their customer which means that they are always flexible and open to ideas.”


“Prima Solutions was the unanimous choice in what turned out to be an easy decision to make. They had staff who understood our business and the role we expected them to play within it, their Prima software was the closest fit to our needs and they had developed a good rapport with our staff.”


“The impact on staff has been a real bonus. They can now see much more clearly how their work and that of other departments affects the performance of the business. It’s led to greater co-operation and boosted commitment and productivity.”


“The biggest compliment I can pay Prima Solutions is to say that we could no longer run our business without the support of the PrimaNet software. I’m looking forward to a continued, profitable business relationship.”


“It’s been a real pleasure to work with John Smedley. Their business processes are more complex than most in this industry. From the outset we have worked closely together to agree requirements and approach and they have been extremely professional in all our dealings with them. We’re delighted to see the improvement in their business that’s come from our partnership.”