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What’s stopping you from moving to an Omni-Channel strategy?

Moving to an Omni-channel strategy will undoubtedly mean that your existing software systems will need upgrading in order to support this new, integrated approach.

Budgets, migration concerns and system familiarity are just some of the barriers that are put in place but in order to succeed in this dynamic marketplace a business needs to ensure that their business strategy can meet customer expectations and understand that new technology can ensure they will succeed.

With consumer habits continually changing and the options available to browse, order and purchase 24 hours a day mean that a business needs to not only ensure they have a presence in multiple channels but that they are also speaking with ‘one voice’.

Increased choice and convenience means the opportunity to capture incremental sales improves, with consumers known to use multiple channels when choosing high ticket items, Omni-channel retailing not only raises brand awareness it also drives total sales growth.

An Omni-channel strategy means that the consumer experiences and engages with your brand, not an individual channel; it puts the customer at the heart of its approach: engaging with them, building a relationship and speaking from one voice to provide a seamless joined-up customer experience no matter the chosen channel, where spend and customer retention rates increase.

An ERP system will deliver efficient process management across sales, purchasing and stock control functions. It will manage products, pricing, customers and more from one central repository, providing a single view of data across the whole business in real-time for the ultimate in control.

Specialising in the clothing, footwear and accessories market sectors for the last 28 years means that we understand your challenges, business constraints and daily operations and can offer invaluable advice and information based on our wealth of experience. You can look to achieve a faster implementation with a partner who has a long-term commitment to your business solution.

We don’t just offer software.

Our customers are at the very heart of everything we do and we pride ourselves on delivering on our promises with speed, agility and expertise. The processes we design will define and deliver your goals and use our technology as an enabler for future success.

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