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10 Signs that you have outgrown your current software system

2019 has been a turbulent time for the fashion industry, the indecision of BREXIT and the reduction in footfall on the high street mean that businesses have had to ‘hunker down’ in the hope that things will improve soon rather than follow their long-held ambitious growth plans.

2020 finally sees a light at the end of the tunnel – following the general election there is now a commitment to complete BREXIT by the end of the year which means businesses can finally start to plan for the future.

To ready your business for the changes to come and to ensure you remain competitive, it’s essential to have the right systems and processes in place.

We take a look at some of the tell-tale signs that businesses face when their ERP systems need upgrading and what impact this can have on a business’s growth plans.

  1. You spend more time working on issues with the software than you do actually running the business
  2. The system is unable to integrate with other tools & applications, causing more issues than it solves
  3. Hardware cannot be upgraded and the system is no longer supported so you have to manage all problems in-house. Unless you have a dedicated IT support this can be a real drain on time and resources
  4. Employees are complaining about the slowness and manual input inefficiencies and lack of mobile capability
  5. Workflows and processes are dysfunctional
  6. You are unable to capitalise on new opportunities
  7. High operating costs
  8. Security attacks
  9. Unable to access real-time data
  10. The software isn’t made specifically for my market which was fine initially but now the business has grown you need a system that can manage the industry-specific requirements

PrimaNet from Prima Solutions is able to provide the solutions to your problems

  • Streamlined processes and automated systems give you time to focus on more strategic aspects of the business and look at the bigger picture
  • The PrimaNet modular application is able to integrate with a number of different systems from e-commerce to WMS, carriers and more
  • Our dedicated helpdesk team are on-hand to support with any queries you may have and our systems or processes
  • System automation removes the need for manual input, saving time and reducing errors whilst responsive mobile capability with real-time data provides information on the go
  • Because we understand your challenges, business constraints and daily operations, we can offer invaluable advice and information based on our wealth of experience. You can look to achieve a faster implementation with a partner who has a long-term commitment to your business solution.

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