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TwentyTwenty Lifeskills Centres: Enabling the ‘whole person’ development of each young person

twentytwenty lifeskills

The TwentyTwenty Lifeskills centres are safe but inspiring learning communities where young people who may have struggled to engage in study elsewhere can really thrive.

They are ‘can do’ environments where TwentyTwenty staff and volunteers from the local community and nearby businesses join together with young people to give them the encouragement, teaching, skills training, personal development coaching, work experience and job opportunities they need to reach their goals.

Each centre is led by a dedicated manager who has overall responsibility for all staff, volunteers and activities within the centre and leads on developing relationships with all partner agencies and businesses that refer to and/or support TwentyTwenty’s work. Each centre manager is overseen and supported directly by the operations manager, and also receives input from the whole leadership team and other centre managers.

Everything they do is geared towards the young people they exist to serve; those who despite their disadvantage and disengagement have the inner talent and potential that they can help nurture and cause to flourish.

The Lifeskills centre model works so well because it is resourced with a range of positive people that can truly enable the ‘whole person’ development of each young person, rather than just provide qualifications.

The links below outline the services on offer at each Lifeskills centre, give directions and contact details, and have a welcoming message from each centre manager.

If you would like to find out about volunteering at TwentyTwenty, visit the website to find out more information

Alternatively, you can raise funds by competing in the Prima Solutions TwentyTwenty Challenge on 29 September 2018 at Rutland Water. You can find more information and the link to register here: