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Success in the words of the young people supported by TwentyTwenty: Thomas


Bringing you more stories from the young people that are being supported by TwentyTwenty. Each story is written by the young person in their own words.

Thomas arrived from Sudan with no family. When he started at TwentyTwenty he had never used a computer, but he was anxious to learn and soon became proficient. And then when asked what he wanted for Christmas, his reply was not the latest headphones or Xbox game, but a dictionary!

He has worked hard over the last six months, earned his qualifications and after shining during his two weeks’ of work experience at a hotel, now has a full time job.

Thomas says; “Thank you for always supporting me and believing in me. You are my role models! What can I say, you planted a seed and got to watch it grow. Now your seed is blossoming. Thank you so much for everything. I could not have blossomed without you. Thank you being there whenever I needed it, and even when I thought I didn’t need it.”

Helping one disadvantaged and disengaged young person to develop the self-belief, qualifications and skills they need to find a job and reach their full potential costs £2000.

You can help to raise funds by competing in the Prima Solutions TwentyTwenty Challenge on 19 May 2018 at Rutland Water. The link to register is here:

To find out more information about the TwentyTwenty Charity, visit their website: