One of Britain’s most well-established and successful heritage brands, Wolsey is widely seen as Britain’s oldest clothing brand. Since 1755 Wolsey has stood for quality and innovation in manufacturing and design, being popular amongst sportsmen, polar explorers and members of the British Royal Family alike, holding a Royal Warrant. Wolsey still resides in the manufacturing city of Leicester as it has since the mid-18th Century, and with a brand relaunch coupled with the acquisition of it’s Scandinavian distributor, the business set out for further domestic and global success.

This Scandinavian acquisition could have been problematic when incorporating the business processes to Wolsey and vice versa, but we simplified the entire process. Working with Wolsey for many years now, PrimaNet Order Management was implemented to manage all crucial processes within the business and fully link the Scandinavian side of the business to Wolsey UK. These processes include Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control, Allocations and Despatch. Linking these processes directly to Wolsey UK via back-to-back inter-company processing means that our software solution is totally integrated for Wolsey’s peace of mind, allowing the company to reap huge benefits.

Following this, Wolsey implemented our eCommerce and Retail Management modules to provide total visibility of orders and stock in real-time across all channels. The website provides a real-time stock position and availability as well as seamlessly processing new orders and customers directly into order management. Meanwhile, the retail back office and replenishment system supports Wolsey’s new stores and both channels share common data such as customer details, product information, pricing and promotions and stock availability. Wolsey can also understand more about their customers and buying patterns across all channels, to better service their unique preferences and needs.

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“Our goal was to find a totally integrated, enterprise wide solution to support the business into the 21st Century. The PrimaNet solution is specifically designed for the clothing industry and from the outset we could see that it would do exactly what it said on the tin.”


“We had no hesitation with implementing PrimaNet to Wolsey Scandinavia. The product is perfect for our business and its flexibility has been important as we continue to grow and evolve. With the knowledge, expertise and experience that the Prima team bring, we knew this project would be relatively simple. They still really listen to what it is that we want and then work collaboratively with us to make it happen quickly and smoothly. Wolsey would not be where it is today without that partnership and it is a decision that the business is very glad it made!”