Bristol Uniforms

Bristol Uniforms is one of the world’s leading providers of PPE that designs and manufactures specialist protective wear for emergency services both in the UK and to firefighters in over 110 countries around the world. The company also has a ‘managed service’ division, providing comprehensive lifetime garment maintenance as part of the business’ approach to providing a flexible and cost-effective way of managing its customers’ PPE ownership and procurement needs.

The managed care programme tracks the service history of each PPE item, as sent to Bristol each time it needs inspecting, laundering or repairing.  As well as providing the highest standards of laundering and repair, Bristol identify each item using a unique barcode, to ensure adequate stock availability of each garment to the required teams, while other garments are laundered/repaired.

Total Visibility

The unique barcodes enable complete visibility lifetime tracking, using the PrimaNet garment care service module which allows Bristol to identify who a specific garment belongs to, previous owners of the garment, where it has been, how often it has been washed and what repairs it has had.

This is achieved as batches of garments from each station are input to PrimaNet using predefined services. The system then produces a repair ticket which is tagged to the garment before heading to Bristol’s repair centre. Once laundering/repair is complete, the garment’s tag is removed and the system is updated with the relevant completed actions, when costs can be calculated and relevant invoices produced.

Complete Control

Tracking each garment brings many benefits including the ability to move garments and employees between locations and customers. Importantly, Bristol can quantify when garments have reached the end of their lives and expertly recommend when a garment should be condemned, replaced or repaired. This information can be shared with their customers as part of the garment care service module, which automatically tracks what each end customer has in terms of garment stock, where it is, it’s condition and what has been done to it. This assists Bristol’s customers to identify any PPE that isn’t accounted for and brings benefits when planning and budgeting for new kit. PrimaNet Business Intelligence also allows Bristol and it’s customers to see whether items are returned to their stations in a timely manner by tracking the garment’s barcode.

Real-time Information

Tracking physical material and labour costs is vitally important to Bristol. Using our specialist software, margins and time frames are effectively analysed and reported on, allowing complete real-time visibility of the costs at each stage of the care process. This enables Bristol to provide the best service and value for it’s customers.

Our reporting module also enhances access to all information and prepares reports in a style and format that suits each individual within the business. This also provides an excellent customer services tool that facilitates the creation and automated delivery of customer reports in a format that is specific to the needs of each customer, delivered in a timeframe of their choosing.

Quick Return on Investment

After just four weeks of going live, PrimaNet already added great value to Bristol’s services. With extensive testing and strategically planned data migration to PrimaNet of hundreds of thousands of records, Bristol were confident that the system would be implemented without any major issues, leading them to invest in further PrimaNet modules soon after to support their growth plans.

Download the Case Study here to read the full story.

"Keeping track of each item of PPE throughout each stage of its lifecycle is crucial to planning and delivery at Bristol. Not only can we keep track of where each station’s and individual’s kit is, we can make sure that care is prioritised based on when an order first arrived and when it needs to be delivered back to the station. This has already allowed us to seamlessly process 3,500 transactions in the first 3 weeks of going live with the PrimaNet system and has been extremely well received in our service centres.”


“We always aim for a 7 day turnaround for garment care processing. As soon as a garment arrives, we can log it into the system and calculate its turnaround to give a realistic and achievable return date. Everything is scanned and tagged separately according to each garment’s unique ID so there is no room for error, which is extremely important when a station is relying on having the right sizes and levels of equipment available at all times.”


“Having worked with Prima for over 10 years now, we know that the systems really do add real value. As an industry leader in PPE production and maintenance – not every IT supplier has facilities that suit our business so exactly! This is no doubt partly due to the relationship we share with Prima, they really understand our individual business needs and so we are able to comfortably work together to find the right solutions across Bristol Uniforms.”