Wardrobe Management


  • Employee Entitlement

  • Manages expenditure

  • Direct customer/employee ordering

  • Systemises customer KPI reporting

  • Accurate tracking of orders

  • Supports bids for new contracts

The corporate clothing, work wear and PPE sector is extremely competitive, with the demand for your supplying business to deliver a high quality, personal and more efficient service being more important than ever before. Our wardrobe management software takes your level of customer service one step further to improve customer retention rates as well as significantly supporting your bid for new contracts.

Hosting an array of exceptional features, PrimaNet’s wardrobe management system controls and supports wearer allocations based on job role and grade, facilitates allowances based on points/values/number of garments, delivers reports on usage and generally allows your customers to manage this aspect of their business more effectively. This can then be extended to the wearers themselves by giving them web-based access to place their own uniform orders; this adds real value for many customers by building a partnership approach between the supplier, customer and wearer. It’s true to say that our customers have been able to win new contracts based on the strength of the specialist web ordering self-service capability we provide.

What is more, the Garment Rental/Service Care module has been developed to support work wear supply companies who want to offer a fully managed service to their customers. The module manages and tracks individual garments against wearers for the purposes of cleaning, maintenance, cyclical replacement and fit-for-purpose reviews. The system also supports full tracking and traceability of each component of the garment for PPE compliance.

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