Stock Control


  • Multi channel stock

  • Real-time stock data

  • Manages available stock and free-to-sell across all channels & markets

  • Barcode scanning technology

Effective stock control is a vital component of any consumer-focused business. Leading companies recognise the importance of accurate, timely stock availability to operate efficiently, maximise revenues and deliver consistently high quality customer service. Using our PrimaNet stock control system, your inventory is maintained within a central system with seamless integration to all PrimaNet modules which ensures real-time available stock and free-to-sell figures, regardless of the chosen channel-to-market.

Furthermore, the module supports the requirement for multiple warehouses/locations and can hold stock in a variety of stock keeping units including units, packs, cartons and pallets as used within your business. Furthermore, the use of barcode scanning technology facilitates efficient processing in the handling, recording and controlling of all stock transactions for real-time visibility.

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