Stock Control

erp stock control software

Stock in the wrong location causes lost sales

Automatic channel management across wholesale, retail and e-commerce ensures stock is always in the right place

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Out of stocks creating customer service headaches?

Real-time stock data gives precise information of available and free-to-sell stock across all channels and markets

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Disparate systems causing chaos?

Maintains a central stock file with single view for easy access by all relevant parties

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financial document management software

Auditing issues

Supports stock movement auditing to improve reporting & enquiries

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Pack type restrictions on current system?

PrimaNet caters for a variety of stock keeping units, including; packs, cartons and pallets

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Stop inefficiencies due to poor processing

Barcode scanning technology facilitates efficient processing of all stock transactions for real-time visibility

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  • Provide automatic channel management support across wholesale, retail and e-commerce

  • Ensure stock is distributed to the right channel at the right time to maximise margins

  • Provide real-time stock data at any given time to provide consistently high customer service

  • Automate inventory related tasks and use barcode scanning technology for greater efficiency

Streamline your stock management processes