Product Sourcing

For many UK-based fashion organisations the focus has switched from traditional manufacturing towards remote production which requires monitoring of overseas factories supplying goods on a CMT basis.

Our PrimaNet product sourcing system supports this approach through effective sourcing and purchasing with detailed performance monitoring and critical path management.

“Our front line users have been really impressed by the increased visibility and flexibility of the PrimaNet system. We are already reaping the benefits of efficiencies gained through more streamlined processing. This means that staff can be more effective and proactive, adding real value to the business rather than being tied up with data processing.”


"Automation is the key. With PrimaNet, we can deliver a fully-managed service that covers the entire lifecycle of all customer garments – from specification and manufacture through to delivery, cleaning, collection, repair and replacement.”


“Prima Solutions was the unanimous choice in what turned out to be an easy decision to make. They had staff who understood our business and the role we expected them to play within it, their Prima software was the closest fit to our needs, and they had developed a good rapport with our staff.”

John Smedley