Product Sourcing

Key Features

  • Increases customer satisfaction levels

  • Optimises stock levels

  • Reduces lead times

  • Detailed performance monitoring

  • Critical Path management

  • Supports traditional manufacturing & remote production

For many apparel organisations the focus has switched from traditional manufacturing towards remote production which requires monitoring of overseas factories supplying goods on a CMT basis.

Our PrimaNet product sourcing system supports this approach through effective sourcing and purchasing with detailed performance monitoring and critical path management.

Product Sourcing is a Module within PrimaNet

Our multi channel service is delivered through our very own market-leading ERP software, PrimaNet.

Designed to meet the specific requirements of the clothing, footwear and accessories market sectors. It is a highly functional, easy to use modular application which provides full visibility across all business operations, helping to simplify each process and increase business efficiency.

Manage product sourcing with Critical Path