Order Management

Key Features

  • Visibility of stock across all channels

  • Real-time access to stock & sales figures

  • Optimises inventory levels

  • Maximises sales opportunities

  • Flexible reporting and data analysis application

  • Provides true scalability as your business grows

As your organisation continues to grow and evolve within the fashion and apparel marketplace, it is essential that your business processes continue to be effective in order to support that growth. Therefore, the Order Management module sits at the heart of the PrimaNet solution and is specifically designed to deliver efficient process management across your sales, purchasing and stock control functions.

Order Management provides an array of features to support your Multi Channel apparel business including back-to-back processing, consignment management, returns and repairs and automatic stock allocations. Plus, the highly configurable nature of the module means it is able to meet the specific needs of your business and retain the agility required to fulfil the dynamic needs of the apparel marketplace.

With effective and accurate data control, you can easily improve your customer service levels, delivery performance, stock management and business relationships using our PrimaNet Order Management system.

How It Works

Order Management is a Module within PrimaNet

Our multi channel service is delivered through our very own market-leading ERP software, PrimaNet.

Designed to meet the specific requirements of the clothing, footwear and accessories market sectors. It is a highly functional, easy to use modular application which provides full visibility across all business operations, helping to simplify each process and increase business efficiency.

Deliver efficient process management