Manufacturing Software

Automate Production Processes with ERP Manufacturing Software

manufacturing software for apparel businesses

Take back control

PrimaNet provides complete control over the entire manufacturing process

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Become more efficient

Delivers accurate information, reduces stock holding of raw materials and eliminates shortages

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Meet market demand

Changing sales demands are easily managed through this flexible application

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  • Enable you to manage and control your whole production process from sourcing to despatch

  • Provide complete control and full visibility over the entire production process

  • Support more efficient processing, delivering accurate information and reducing stock holding

  • Provide the flexibility needed to control and meet changing sales demands

With fashion manufacturers facing increasing pressures to be more efficient, improve leadtimes to market and be more sustainable, it is more important than ever to have the right ERP manufacturing software systems and processes in place. PrimaNet Manufacturing ERP software specifically manages the production of clothing, footwear and accessories; whether your business has its own manufacturing facility in the UK, has a requirement for remote production monitoring overseas, utilises third party operations or has a mix of these.