Allocations, Despatch & Invoicing

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Despatch delays causing headaches?

PrimaNet offers integration to numerous carriers with both domestic and global despatch capability

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Does your current system lack flexibility?

A choice of manual and automatic processing allocates stock to order by customer, order number or product

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Are your current processes long-winded and time consuming?

Automatic allocation functionality based on user-defined rules requires minimum user intervention

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  • Provide extensive flexibility when allocating, despatching and invoicing your orders

  • Automatically allocate based on user-defined rules with minimum intervention

  • Optimise picking to ensure timely despatches when combined with the PrimaNet Warehouse Management application

  • Save your business time and money with the dynamic invoicing functionality

PrimaNet offers extensive flexibility when it comes to allocating, despatching and invoicing your orders.

Allocating stock on order can be done by customer, order number or product, both manually and automatically.

Handles both domestic and global despatches with integration to numerous carriers.

Ability to produce invoices in different formats for different customers based on their own unique requirements.

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