Price & Buckland

An expert in school wear since 1959, Price & Buckland manufacture and supply high quality uniforms. Based in Nottingham, the business is renowned for having it’s own product development team together with a unique manufacturing capability, allowing customers to create bespoke uniforms using the latest fabrics and yarns available. Their overriding principle is to supply high quality uniforms in a socially responsible way, at affordable prices with exceptional customer service. Price & Buckland have successfully achieved these aims since launching and continue to grow at rapid pace.

A particular growth area is web ordering. Utilising PrimaNet Web Services, schools and parents can place orders online, which is integrated directly to PrimaNet Order Management ensuring a single, accurate and real-time view of all stock and orders. Our easy-to-use system caters for different sizes, fits, colour ways and bespoke embroidered products, as well as providing the ability to pre-order incoming products. With increasing numbers of pupils, the system is critically important in improving the efficiency for schools to process orders.

Before implementing PrimaNet, online ordering was very much a manual process, being time-consuming with room for error and task duplication. However, the time taken to process web orders has now been reduced by 75%. Continued sales growth has also affected all other business areas including financials, to which our PrimaNet Financial Management module has proved invaluable for the finance team, especially in creating call lists of customers to chase for payment.

Since implementing our fully integrated solution, Price & Buckland have found that the new processes not only save time and errors, but also lessen the requirement for people and paperwork, thus reducing costs considerably. This has therefore been fundamental as a foundation for the significant growth of the business.

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“The benefits we’ve seen aren’t just helping us to grow, but they also really help us to achieve our business aims. Cost savings and the ability to better service our customers have been extremely effective too and are instrumental in pushing the business forwards with our ongoing developments.”


“We wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. Our Account Manager at Prima has always listened to us when we needed something and is always on hand to offer help and advice, as well as to keep us up to date with the latest technological innovations. The product and people are great – we fully expect Prima to continue to be at our side as we continue to develop further, long into the future.”


“The business couldn’t have grown to the size it is now without the system – it's worlds apart from what we had before.”