Supplier Portal


  • Web based application

  • Supplier direct access

  • Single view of data across the business

  • Real-time updates

  • Improved communication with supplier

  • Critical Path

Relationships between suppliers and customers can become strained when information is unclear and there is a lack of communication. Say hello to the new Supplier Portal application which is an exciting new addition to our Prima Cloud suite of software.

This web-based application enables you to provide your suppliers with direct access to view, manage, despatch and collaborate on your purchase orders. Seamless two-way integration with the Order Management application means that the supplier will be able to create despatches against orders and post the details straight into PrimaNet Order Management. Giving you visibility of your intransit despatches creating even greater accuracy, substantially reducing errors from manual input and providing a single view of data across the business.

Collaboration features in the Supplier Portal application provide clear communication between suppliers and customers on the progress of purchase orders and deliveries. Both parties can record and maintain conversations in a centralised location with real-time updates which are also followed up by email notifications to ensure no action is missed.

Suppliers can see when despatches have been received at the warehouse, view, filter and query outstanding, in-progress and completed orders, as well as download, view and print purchase orders and related documents.

Our supply chain management system helps to create successful business relationships through improved communication and an effective, visible supply chain.

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