Product Development


  • Comprehensive range management capability

  • Highly configurable

  • Streamlines the product lifecycle process

  • Acts as complete product management centre

  • Promotes collaborative working

  • Full reporting capability

Specifically designed for clothing, footwear and accessories businesses, our PrimaNet Product Development software has been created to streamline the communication process from idea to reality. This helps to eliminate misinterpretations and shortens the product life-cycle from initial concept through to delivery.

Product Development is a user-defined module that allows you to setup the required attributes of your product, keep pertinent information in a centralised repository, proactively highlight any potential issues on the critical path throughout development and manage the flow of information to all parties.

This provides unrivalled flexibility to design and define products to the level that suits your business, whilst a web-based critical path ensures that everyone in the supply chain can access up-to-date product and event information.

The Product Development system includes an industry-specific, multi-dimensional style matrix, together with user-definable attributes and a powerful product hierarchy. Acting as a product management centre, the module records detailed product specifications and costings, linked design graphics and images, component and BOM management, critical path and action lists – all specific to the clothing, footwear and accessories sector.

We understand how essential the critical path functionality is in the proactive management of your Product Development processes. By clearly defining the steps required to take an apparel design from idea to product and then monitoring adherence to the defined process, your business is better able to effectively manage the process, improve efficiency and eliminate costly errors caused by missed or delayed steps.

Key milestones are clearly visible to all users and any potential slippage is immediately notified through alerting and exception reporting, thus allowing preventative actions to be taken. Any number of critical paths can be created to support the whole range of new apparel and accessories products being considered by your business.

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