Inventory Planning & Forecasting

Key Features

  • Access to real-time data

  • Historical and forecast demands

  • Specific stock replenishment algorithms

  • Manages anticipated demand for goods across all channels

  • Supports multiple stock planning methods

  • Interactive user interface

Prima understands the fashion industry and the constant need to meet new market trends, short product lifecycles and seasonal uplifts.

Whether you manufacture, source, buy or sell, being able to predict the optimal quantity and timing of raw materials or finished goods to meet future sales demands and production capacity can be a real game-changer.

Not only does the PrimaNet Inventory Planning application provide access to real-time data including historical and forecast demands, it will continually monitor projected stock levels to ensure that there is neither too much or too little stock against projected sales taking into consideration your budgeted sales, planned sales, known sales orders and planned production across all channels.

Our business forecasting tools allow your business to make powerful and informed decisions, reduce lead times and work-in-progress whilst optimising stock levels to increase customer satisfaction, sales and profit margins.

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