eCommerce Inventory Management

Fast, Reliable & Proven Integration With Your Corporate Website

fashion ecommerce inventory software

Slow, unreliable systems?

Our solutions offer fast, accurate, reliable data

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Systems not connected?

True stock position can be viewed as soon as a product is selected

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Manual input causing errors?

Save time and reduce errors with automated functionality

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Restricted functionality?

Full refund and exchange functionality

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Disparate systems?

Integrated systems provide seamless management of customer accounts

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System restrictions limiting overseas expansion?

Supports multiple currencies through to export distribution documentation

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  • Provide a fast, reliable and proven integration with your corporate website

  • Accurately represent the business position with regards to products, prices and availability

  • Provide exceptional levels of stock control

  • Deliver outstanding customer service

Amongst a whole host of features, our ecommerce inventory system enables the true stock position of your fashion business to be viewed as soon as a product SKU is selected, gives an accurate website reflection of prices and promotions and allows the creation and editing of customer accounts. What is fundamental here is that your website becomes a controlled extension of the business, with PrimaNet offering the same quality of service and information that you would give to your customers in person.