Customer Management & CRM

Key Features

  • Enhanced customer service

  • Single view of data

  • Fast data processing

  • Customer query progression

  • Improved business management & sales analysis

In today’s Multi Channel trading environment, apparel companies are utilising multiple routes to market including Wholesale, Retail, Concessions, Mail Order and eCommerce. Customer service teams need to support each separate channel to maximise sales and secure a first class shopping experience for each customer.

The PrimaNet Customer Services application has been specifically designed to operate within this environment, enabling businesses to deal seamlessly with all aspects of consumer ordering, queries, or returns via a single-user interface. The unique design of this module sees it bring together all functionality required by a Customer Service Team in a modern, Multi Channel environment with full configurability to ensure a fit for each company’s unique business requirements.

PrimaNet Customer Services empowers you to build a strong partnership with your customers that sees them increase their regularity of visits, increase average spend and encourage them to continue to shop with you.

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