Critical Path


  • Web based application

  • Intuitive, open and easy to track

  • Synchronised processes

  • Provides a single view of all critical events

  • Acts as interface to multiple applications

  • Mobile enabled To Do list

The pressures on Multi Channel clothing, footwear and accessories businesses are greater than ever to ensure the right product is available to the market at the right time and at the right price. Commonly, businesses have to deal with the challenges of a globally dispersed supply chain. This is where PrimaNet Critical Path software can help your business to succeed!

With our web based Critical Path system, progressing key milestones in the design-to-market lifecycle is intuitive, open and easy to track. Managing the progress of critical events ranging from sample signoff to inbound logistics and delivery to stores, our Critical Path module ensures synchronized processes and allows you to improve efficiency, reduce costs and eradicate errors caused by miscommunication, missed or delayed tasks.

Providing a single view of all critical events, the application supports the interface to multiple disparate applications as required. This includes our PrimaNet Product Development module to control lifecycle management, through to PrimaNet Order Management to manage the supply chain and distribution procedures, as well as third-party applications such as carrier systems.

Collaborative, customisable and fully capable, PrimaNet Critical Path provides you with a decision-making and planning tool
all in one!

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