Balancing the demands of providing the right quality goods at the right price, whist ensuring you meet your customer’s high expectations in terms of service & availability (often at short notice) is fundamental for your wholesale business.

Our specialist Wholesale Order Management module handles all aspects of order and contract fulfilment including customer call off, forward orders, back-to-back processing, individual/bulk picking, despatching and invoicing.

Our wholesale ERP system system supports fully automated processing to provide efficiency and productivity so, for example, an order can be received electronically and flow straight through to despatch without the need for manual intervention.

Most importantly, you can configure all processes to suit your wholesaler business needs and implement your own controls at any point in the process.

Plus, Trade Web Ordering provides access for your customers to view the product range and place orders directly onto the system. Freeing up time for your team, your customers will undertake more of the processing themselves yet still receive a high quality service. Support for remote access via mobile devices also ensures that customers can trade at their convenience, which is a key requirement for businesses looking to expand globally.

What is more, the PrimaNet Warehouse Management System is our solution designed to support and streamline your warehouse operations, with the scalability to seamlessly handle increased warehouse throughout as your apparel business expands.

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