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    Top 5 Benefits you can expect when choosing a modern, omni-channel ERP system

    Regardless of the size and sector of your business, utilising digital technology has never been so important. In these challenging times, the apparel and homeware industry has been particularly hard hit. Consumer habits are changing with social distancing driving sales online and businesses left no option but to diversify to remain competitive.

    Businesses must innovate to succeed. Reviewing and redesigning existing systems and processes to emerge stronger.
    Supply chains that proved fragile in the pandemic need to be streamlined and simplified across the business. But can your existing systems allow you to meet the new future?

    ERP is what keeps you in the game! ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning’ and is a term that refers to software applications used to manage information more efficiently throughout a company and its operations. Understanding how an ERP solution can positively impact your business is critical. It will enable you to illustrate the return on investment (ROI) your organisation will receive from the ERP system implementation.

    Distilling over 30 years expertise and more than 1000 years of specialist knowledge, Prima Solutions is the UK’s leading provider of software for the apparel and homeware industry, powering some of the biggest names in the business.

    Here’s our list of the top 5 benefits you can expect when choosing a modern ERP system:

    No longer will the shipping department have to notify accounting or sales each time that merchandise leaves. No more unrealistic lead times promised to your customers!
    The whole idea of an ERP system is to integrate all company data into a unified system, allowing all departments to share a common vision and coordinate in real time. By having a fully integrated modern solution, your business will benefit from greater communication and collaboration between all departments, partners and customers. All the information is contained in one centralised system so employees have access to the most accurate data they need when they need it!

    “This single view of information means that we can give our customers a fast, accurate response to queries relating to
    order progress, stock availability and delivery status. Similarly, with product development, all design and development
    related data sits in one place, giving our staff the ability to respond quickly to customer and supplier queries with
    accurate information.”


    The starting point for good information is the raw data – this is collected and collated within the system and because it sits within a single integrated application and a single database, the quality, integrity and accessibility of the data is second to none. Easy access to accurate, timely and relevant information can enable you and your workforce to take quick and informed business decisions. Many surveys have revealed that ERP systems help companies plan better and be reactive to change in demands, competition and unexpected disruptions.

    “Prima’s systems were fully in place in early 2020. Despite the disruption of Covid-19, they helped Dreamsport to secure more than 50 new customers and 37 contract renewals for customised sports kit”


    Access to accurate data has never been so fast. The availability of information as well as the user friendliness of the system allows businesses to be more responsive and to keep up with fast-moving markets. One of the biggest benefits of an ERP system is that it really helps provide complete business-wide visibility; for example, by pinpointing which product, which area of production, or which department is saving on costs or is behind. In addition, tools such as “critical path” are proactive ways of helping to ensure targets are met. ERP promises companies increased efficiencies and cost-savings. In these tough economic times, who wouldn’t be interested?

    “The simple fact is the business could not function the way it does without the product development system.
    The time it takes from concept to completion of products is astounding in comparison to how it worked before – it takes
    less than half the time from start to finish! Whilst our processes have always been smooth and well thought out, PrimaNet
    adds a whole other level of efficiency across not only product development, but now our entire business.”


    Creating a more harmonised financial environment will help customise and improve your reporting capability rapidly. Many of our clients historically relied on spread sheets which was not only time-consuming but also prone to human errors and getting misplaced. ERP systems eliminate manual processes and duplication of efforts. For instance, as they seamlessly integrate financials with E-commerce, it enables you to automate billing and generate invoices from a sales order in a click of a button. ERP systems go even beyond cost and time savings; they can really assist you in taking strategic decisions as spending and cost allocations can be closely watched.

    “This system is so flexible. We can help our customers with forecasting their corporate clothing and look at costs
    and ‘what if’ scenarios to help them manage their budgets. Being able to hold order and stock information centrally,
    have such easy access to it and be able to produce comprehensive reports makes us more efficient and really supports
    the relationship with our customers.”


    As newer technologies keep emerging, it is essential to stay up to date with current trends, you may be missing a lot of great features with your existing enterprise resource planning system. As companies and their staff are becoming more decentralised, the latest ERP software provides mobile functionality so that you can stay connected and well-informed on your business processes and performance at all times.

    “The biggest compliment I can pay Prima Solutions is to say that we could no longer run our business without the support of the PrimaNet software. I’m looking forward to a continued, profitable business relationship.”


    There are many advantages of ERP systems. In conclusion, ERP systems build your competitive advantage. Not only will it help you understand the market demand and respond to it in real-time, opening doors to a better customer service, but it will also enable you to take well-informed business decisions, optimise on costs, improve efficiencies and facilitate business growth. In the end you need to be confident that the money you invest will pay back handsomely.

    We’re very happy to explore with you how we can best help your business. Contact us today to arrange a conversation with us about how we can tailor a solution to meet your particular needs. Email us: info@primasolutions.co.uk