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Joseph Cheaney & Sons have teamed up with pioneering fashion & lifestyle brand, Tengri to launch an exclusive sustainable collection featuring a new interpretation of the classic brogue.

150 Limited edition pairs in 3 signature styles will be made to order for both men and women. This will be the first brogue shoe to incorporate performance and material innovation with natural and sustainable Noble Fibres.

Noble Fibres feature the world’s first yak hair insole created with Tengri’s signature Khangai yak fibres; combed from the underbelly of the rare breed of yak just once a year.

With only 100 gms of fibre available from each Khangai yak per year, the limited edition collection Tengri X Cheaney defines exclusive luxury.

£50 from every purchase will be donated to support local wildlife conservation efforts in Mongolia, helping to monitor and develop educational materials, training and outreach to support nomadic herder families in the Khangai Mountains.

To find out more about the collaboration and to view the new collection, visit the Cheaney website here

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