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OUR CUSTOMERS IN THE NEWS: Congratulations to our customer Drake’s, on winning Brand of the Year at the Permanent Style Awards

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We’re really pleased to share that the Permanent Style award for ‘Brand of the Year 2017’ has been awarded to our customer, Drake’s.

Readers could nominate any brand they wanted, but the actual winner would be decided by a panel. The nominations were so strongly in favour of a single brand that it was hard to ignore them; With more than three times the number of nominations than its nearest competitor, Drake’s clearly stood out. In the end, readers and judges all agreed.

Readers highlighted how well Drake’s has expanded in recent years, completing a transition from tie maker to full-look brand in a way that has felt consistent, organic and authentic.

Just one of the comments received states: “If we’re looking at a brand in the round, in terms of consistent innovative and quality products then I think Drake’s are streets ahead. There is an identifiable ‘Drake’s aesthetic’ across their varied products, but the thing which unites them all is the attention to detail and high standards which go in to the manufacturing”

The article also includes an interview with Michael Hill of Drakes to discover the thinking behind the brand’s expansion.

To read the full article, click on the following link

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