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Can you see the big picture?

Our processes and systems are created to make our business run smoothly and provide the information needed to make informed decisions.

If we can make quicker decisions using trusted insights gained from our data, we can then utilise this to provide an important competitive advantage in today’s demanding marketplace.

If your business operates with data silos the information they provide will be ineffective on an operational level and could become a breeding ground of inaccurate data and in turn cause you to make bad decision after bad decision.

Data integration is a necessity in order to understand your business, eliminating siloed reports and being able to dig much deeper.

Using technology to integrate data from disparate systems will deliver deep insights into your customer behaviour, sales performance and stock management.

With effective, accurate data control you can easily improve customers service levels, delivery performance, stock management and business relationships; safe in the knowledge that your systems and processes provide trustworthy, actionable information.

If you can see the big picture, you will be able to understand what is happening in your business, how any issues or business decisions made may impact the business and what actions need to be taken to achieve your goals.

In today’s highly mobilised workforce, the need for timely business intelligence does not end when you leave the office.

Your team will need to make time-critical decisions on the go and require real-time visibility of key performance indicators.

PrimaNet Business Objects Mobile is designed to enable you to take business intelligence on the road and deliver focused and personalised information directly to your mobile device!

Business Objects Mobile helps you stay competitive in today’s globalised, 24/7 business environment.

Utilising EDI and web services technology, PrimaNet can integrate with third party systems to deliver all information in real-time, via a central hub providing greater accuracy, more control and better business decisions. To understand if we interface with your third party application, contact us here.

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