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Bristol Uniforms has been a pioneer in the development of specialist emergency services Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for more than 60 years. Their world-class design team works with leading fabric and fibre manufacturers to create quality garments, using the latest fabric technology. Their garments and associated PPE are sold in 110 countries throughout the world, via a network of more than 70 experienced distributors, located in major overseas markets.

The partnership with Prima Solutions began 20 years ago with the business investing in the PrimaNet suite of software.

An extensive initial testing phase and strategically planned data migration exercise took place where records for over 70,000 employees and more than 280,000 unique stock ID’s from the length and breadth of Britain’s emergency services were migrated to the PrimaNet Garment Service Care system.

The success of this testing left Bristol extremely confident that the system would be implemented without any major problems and would subsequently be added to its existing PrimaNet modules. In just its fourth week of being live, the PrimaNet system was already adding great value to Bristol’s services.

This area of the business has grown significantly over recent years and will continue to do so but Bristol are confident that using PrimaNet software will not only continue to save the business time and money it also allows it to continue to grow, benefiting from a 7 day Professional Cleaning & Repair service turnaround for its valued customers.

Roger Startin, Joint managing Director at Bristol Uniforms was interviewed recently for International Fire Magazine. In the article he states, “Arguably, the development that has had the biggest impact on our business model has been the introduction of Managed Services in 2000, offering our UK customers a professional service for cleaning and repairing kit. This area of the business has grown significantly over the years, with most UK Fire and Rescue Services now requiring professional cleaning as standard. We now operate Managed Services out of two sites in London and Bristol, which play a crucial role in the business today.”

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