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Launched in 2018 the reGAIN app was created and developed together with key fashion and lifestyle retailers to help change the way the UK consumers buy, use and dispose of their clothing.

Their ultimate aim is to lessen the impact of the clothing industry across the UK and Europe and influence a more circular and sustainable approach to textile consumption globally – diverting clothes from landfill by giving them a second life.

Ballyclare have partnered with reGAIN to turn unwanted clothes into 20% discount vouchers for @BallyclareInternational, moving towards a sustainable future with circular clothing.

To use reGAIN simply download the reGAIN app:

Step 1: Put your unwanted clothes in a bag or box (minimum of 10 items)

Step 2: Print your shipping code and drop it off at your nearest drop off point

Step 3: Redeem your discount vouchers for 20% off Ballyclare Partnering

To find out more about Ballyclare, visit their website here

To find out more about reGAIN visit their website here