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TwentyTwenty, have their name for a reason. Their aim is to help young people see beyond their disadvantage and disengagement, recognise their worth and potential, focus on building the skills for success, and develop a clear vision and plan to achieve sustained employment and a bright future.

Their vision as an organisation is to have an ever larger and more effective impact across the UK in empowering these young people for success, and achieving greater youth employment rates year on year. Noble and ambitious aims indeed. But not pie in the sky. Every single day they work in a determined way towards achieving this vision, which is built on a foundation of solid liveable values, a clear mission, a robust theory of change, and a consequent delivery model which works.

TwentyTwenty’s values are not merely nice statements; they define the non-negotiable behaviours that every trustee, staff member and volunteer is expected to demonstrate, and is appraised against.

  • Young people are brilliant;each has inherent worth, significance and abilities, and should be treated as such. Everything they do should aim to develop their full potential and help them ‘find the gold’ in themselves. Their views and opinions should play a key role in shaping the services
  • Young people deserve the best;quality is a priority, measured by the results young people are empowered to achieve and the impact made. These are the true measures of their success, and they focus on consistent improvement to this end. Growth and expansion must always contribute to quality not lessen it.
  • A great team can achieve anything;the right people are their best asset. They recruit for attitude (staff and volunteers) and train for skills. An attitude and aptitude for teamwork is essential, and is encouraged to share their ideas to help them improve.
  • Diversity matters;a purposely diverse staff/volunteer team serve young people best. Faith in young people and a commitment to keep learning are the non-negotiable characteristics of all staff, volunteers and trustee

These values and behaviours are lived out daily in the context of their mission of being dedicated to ensuring young people, aged 16-24, who find themselves disadvantaged and disengaged, achieve sustained further education or employment. And they dictate that their whole approach to achieving this mission is ‘strengths based’ and relentlessly optimistic, treating young people as resources to be developed, not problems to be solved. Thus their primary focus is on building skills and personal strengths rather than trying to ‘cure’ negative behaviours.

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