Start Rite

Start Rite

Established in 1792, Start-rite is the UK’s oldest shoe company with a turnover of £18m and nearly 1,000 different shoes lines serving children from age two to early teens. Specialising in high quality fitted shoes, Start-rite was the first company to make shoes in half-sizes and width fittings for growing feet, being the first children’s shoemaker to receive a Royal Warrant. Today, the company retails through a network over 400 independent and multiple retailers across the UK and abroad including the likes of John Lewis and Russell & Bromley.

Start-rite’s Norwich facility is their centre of excellence controlling the design, development, buying, import and distribution of finished goods. They also source fully-resourced, boxed and ready-to-go footwear from India and the Far East. Underpinning this capability is PrimaNet, our specialist solution that provides the flexibility and responsiveness needed for running a lean, service-oriented and international business.

PrimaNet provides Start-rite with timely management information, efficient automated processes, precision planning, lower costs and improved profitability. Being fully integrated to PrimaNet Order Management means the system is flexible and extendable, conducting real-time stock checks, order creations and automatic allocations. Plus, the user is kept updated using the ecommerce website’s real-time status enquiry whilst returns logged by customers are also created in Order Management in real-time, to inform the returns department and enhance customer service levels.

Using our software, Start-rite have fulfilled their objective of creating a new business channel utilising their existing warehouse, workforce and systems. The admin overhead has been vastly reduced through a streamlined system that has a completely automated feed of orders with as little manual intervention as possible, as well as returns processing for exceptional customer service levels. Retailers also benefit by using the system to check stock online and place customer orders in-store at their convenience.

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