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Akroyd & Sons

Akroyd & Sons

With exceptional specialist designs and superior quality products, Aykroyd & Sons Ltd is a major player in children’s licensed character merchandise, designing and manufacturing nightwear including pyjamas, dressing gowns and nighties as well as swimwear. Founded by John Henry Aykroyd in 1912 Manchester, the business is still family-run with great British heritage. The business continues to grow by supplying retailers with top quality clothing developed in partnership with big character-wear names such as Walt Disney, Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox. Having begun specialising in nightwear in the 1950s, Aykroyds experienced great success and continues to develop with design, print and production facilities based from Altrincham to Shanghai.

For a design and production focused business, product development is key. Twins David and Nigel Aykroyd realised this, turning to us after discovering how much time could be saved with a system that handles all stages of each product’s critical path whilst also handling cost and projected royalties.

Supplying huge retailers like M&S, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Primark, Aykroyds needed complete control over all aspects of product development, which is handled seamlessly by PrimaNet Product Development. When Aykroyds buy a license for a character line, the module calculates the projected royalties against agreed royalty guarantee figures, throughout the entire product development process to provide a clear and accurate projection of how a product is performing against its royalty costs. Once completed, PrimaNet Product Development automatically feeds the accurate costs into PrimaNet Order Management, which takes care of stock control, despatch and invoicing.

Having also implemented our accounting and reporting software after great returns on investment and huge benefits from PrimaNet Product Development, Aykroyds is now reaping further rewards in terms of time and money. Whilst reporting was previously an entirely manual process, PrimaNet Business Objects shortens days’ worth of work into just minutes.

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